Untrending: A line in the digital space

I was not at all tempted to shout-out the sad news on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Oct 21st, 2017

MacDuff’s Call: Separated bike lanes not practical in Maple Ridge

Better suited for the more populated, Spandex-prone areas like that of Vancouver.

  • Oct 21st, 2017

B.C. VIEWS: Salmon farm smear campaign sinks

John Horgan, Lana Popham have to face reality now

On Education: Cutting back on sugar

Humans have adapted to sweet, fatty foods with precious energy that was scarce in scavenger times.

  • Oct 15th, 2017

Being Young: When change starts to happen

Still time to apply for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Constituency Youth Council.

  • Oct 14th, 2017
The Great British Columbia Shake Out
    Altercation in Maple Ridge
      Horse rescue
        Cyclist hit

          Along the Fraser: Fisheries minister knows spawning streams need help

          Before 1978, anyone could find out how our vital small streams were holding out.

          • Oct 14th, 2017

          B.C. VIEWS: Getting past the homeless rhetoric

          Politicians treat citizens protecting neighbourhoods as the problem

          MacDuff’s Call: The whole world has gone crazy

          The United States government continues to put off demands for stronger gun control legislation.

          • Oct 7th, 2017

          B.C. VIEWS: Fanning fear of fire and flood

          Here’s real evidence for our record wildfire season

          Being Young: International students helping México

          Proceeds from pizza and cupcake sales going to Red Cross.

          Along the Fraser: Singing love for streams and fish

          Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows environmental groups celebrate Rivers Day.

          • Sep 30th, 2017

          Cycling: A commitment to a new direction

          Residents of 123rd Ave. residents were not happy with the bike lane option.

          • Sep 26th, 2017

          B.C. VIEWS: Politicians loot public treasury

          John Horgan’s sudden reversal puts parties on welfare

          In Education: Fear not public speaking

          Being comfortable speaking in stressful settings is not uniquely applicable to career advancement.

          • Sep 23rd, 2017

          MacDuff’s Call: A political novice with a sizeable ego

          Plecas, unlike Trump, made a decision that was good for governance.

          • Sep 23rd, 2017

          B.C. VIEWS: Plucking the golden goose

          B.C. NDP, federal Liberals raise high-earner income tax to 50%

          B.C. VIEWS: Plucking the golden goose

          B.C. NDP, federal Liberals raise high-earner income tax to 50%