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Not eating GMO foods will hurt your pocket book

Editor, The News:

It is unfortunate the science programs at schools do not have enough time to teach more about the many, many new scientific improvements in this world of high technology.

Information about GMO foods is an example of the public’s lack of understanding of science.

Two recent writers have quoted misinformation that GMO foods are somehow different than other food and can be a danger to people.  This is totally incorrect and this incorrect information is too commonly sold to the public by extremists seeking attention and profit.

Pushing fear is very profitable.  For instance the Fox network pushes economic and political fears to those with limited economic understanding and profits greatly.

My best friend owned a health food store and his belief in non-scientific cures cost him his life.

Much of the food we eat is GMO, and it is no more dangerous than foods modified by cross pollination or natural evolution.

Not eating GMO foods (if that were possible) will only hurt your pocket book.

Some countries have, for political reasons, banned GMO foods to support farmers who are unable or unwilling to upgrade farming practices.  This is one reason for Europe’s economic problems – refusing to make technological improvements.

If it were possible to ban the production of all GMO foods, we would have mass starvation as food costs would dramatically increase in price.

I would suggest that if you have a bad impression of GMO foods that you read scientific information and not politically motivated information.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge

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