Graham Hookey

Challenge of dealing with emotional stress of separation

We thrive on strong family bonds and trusting, loyal friendships. And we ache, deeply and profoundly, when those bonds are broken.

Advocate for best possible care

Graham Hookey writes that we should be attentive when a loved one is heading to an institution

Seniors, and everyone else, can be caught by viruses

Public places have lots of germs, as does the home, so wash hands frequently and keep kitchen clean

Give your immune system more time

One of the frustrations of the elderly is the fact that as time passes, all systems and senses tend to be compromised.

Not everyone is always in a hurry

Let’s face it, the elderly population has two things going against it when it comes to speed.

Watch for signs of Alzheimer’s

It’s important to know this, not so much as an elderly person, but as a caregiver or relative of an elderly person.

Healthy lifestyle can prevent senility

High cholesterol, low exercise rates can be factors

Progress made on dreaded disease

Maple Ridge News columnist Graham Hookey: Three-quarters of those with Alzheimer’s over 65 are women

To be an Olympian, persevere

Distractions and setbacks can rob you of your goals

Out fishing with a right lucky man

Graham Hookey writes on education, parenting and eldercare.

As we age, taking care of our skin

If an elderly person is going to be outside, some precautions are necessary.

Restoring the rhythm to daily life

Change is hard on anyone, but life-altering change has to be extremely difficult on the elderly.

One day at a time, using common sense

We’ve all heard stories of someone’s grandfather who is turning 98 and drinks a bottle of whiskey a day while chain-smoking cigarettes.

Parenting: Future quality of elder care an illusion

Considering European experience, government promises may be hollow

Live in here and now, but plan for future

Caring for elderly parents makes writer think about what will happen to him in the years

Independence is a double-edged sword

Sometimes, out of lonliness, keeping up appearances or a home are a waste of time

Challenges in home care for elderly

Graham Hookey writes about education, parenting and elder care weekly in the Maple Ridge News

Immune system on a slippery slope

A column by Graham Hookey who writes about education, parenting and eldercare

Losing independence high on list of fears

Graham Hookey writes about education, parenting and eldercare

Vitality is driven by purpose

The real question for relatives and caregivers is whether steps can be taken to improve vitality in those who lack it.