Jackie Chow

Cycling: Make sidewalks, streets safe

Active Transportation Advisory Committee is looking for a solution to the cycling-on-the-sidewalk problem.

Cycling: Learning to ride, off they go

HUB Cycling committee members have helped out with two education courses at schools in our area.

Used wheels find new homes

Cycle Recyle at Earth Day helped out new arrivals.

Cycling: Filling gaps in regional cycling network

HUB has mapped the gaps that make it difficult for people to use their bikes for longer distance trips along more direct routes.

No more half-baked efforts

Last month, HUB ran a cycling course at Yennadon elementary for students in grades 6 and 7.

Column: Chance encounter with a driver

Intersections usually are the most dangerous places to be for any road user, as dangers can be approaching at high speed...

Columnist: Change in priorities needed

The third annual Bike to Farms ride took place on Sept. 6, with two groups of 30 each.

Cycling: GETI Fest promotes heritage

One of HUB’s favorite events of the year took place Sunday as 30 people in two groups took part in the third annual Bike to Farms ride.

Water theme for Earth Day

Twenty rcycled bicycles will be given away at Earth Day thanks to Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows chapter of HUB.

Hold your nose, vote ‘yes’

Columnist contends the voting system flawed but ultimately feels it's the right thing to do for Vancouver.

Elephant feet allow cyclists to keep riding

The odd name are markings at crosswalks that indicate multi-use paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

Bike centre makes it easy to ride

More people walking and biking leads to lower health care costs

Gift that keeps on taking

I would like to suggest that the infrastructure deficit will be one of the main election issues.

Learning on farm bike tour in Maple Ridge

On Sunday, Kim Lauzon of the Golden Ears Community Co-op and several members of our HUB committee...

Cycling: Try a taste on cycling farm tour

Golden Ears Community Co-op and HUB organize Bike to Farms tour in Maple Ridge on Sunday, Sept. 7.

Cyclists look at slough reclaim project

HUB are organizing a bike tour of the Katzie Slough on Saturday, July 19.

Bring your bike to the bandstand: HUB

HUB is offering an Art Studio Tour by bike on Sunday.

Cycling theme part of 2014 Earth Day

If you already have a bike – well, don’t make any excuses for not riding your bike to an event like Earth Day.

‘I have more money in my pocket and am healthier, too’

Maple Ridge rates as the second worst municipality for cycling in Metro Vancouver, according to a bikeability study done at UBC.

We need to stop suburban sprawl

It's imperative that we put a stop to the way our municipality continues to expand into our forests and agricultural lands.