Marco Terwiel

Plain, good old hand-washing key

Sixteen people with or on account of being infected with C. Difficile have died while in Ridge Meadows Hospital since 2009.

Keep looking for health care solutions

You may be able to postpone the inevitable for a while by borrowing and maxing out your credit cards, but eventually bankruptcy looms.

Paying for long-term health care gain

In B.C., we pay MSP premiums, but people in the rest of Canada do not.

Opting out when days numbered

On the positive side, Paula’s illness and premature death helped me come to the realization that I was not cut out to become a pediatrician.

Faith in Santa provided comfort

It was many years ago that I witnessed her last days just before Christmas, yet I have never forgotten her.

Attawapiskat at lot like Nunavut

I did not know that in Nunavut the rate of violent crime is seven times that in the rest of our country.

Debate reopens on assisted suicide

Only new aspect is when to stop treatment on account of our newly developed abilities to prolong the dying process for a very long time

Benefits to flu shot are substantial

Dr. Marco Terwiel is a retired family physician who lives in Maple Ridge

Trust lost in the goodness of people

A refreshing environment

Contract talk enough to put you to sleep

After all the recent publicity about anesthesiologists that do not have the certification as a full-fledged specialist, should you the worried?

Darwin’s law applies to bacteria

Penicillin didn't work on pneumonia

Inuit on the road to educating own

My last trip to the Canadian Arctic was for a dual purpose,…

Not so much the quantity as quality

Take charge of your health

A drastic turn in diet for the worse

As promised, a few more observations about health care in the Canadian…

Reliance on foreign-trained physicians

When I arrived in 1968, there were only 11 general practitioners serving a population of approximately 20,000 people, and all but one were Canadian-trained. There were also four visiting specialists, but they all lived and worked mainly in Vancouver and New Westminster. Now 43 years later, there are 72 general practitioners/family physicians and 29 of these received their training in another country, and of the 41 specialists, about half are also trained abroad.

Hotel accommodations from hospitals

Sooner or later, most human beings will end up in some emergency…

At Ridge hospital, glad to be missing target

B.C. Nurses Union president Debra McPherson suggested last week that the Fraser…

Pro-, prebiotics hit pocketbook

I wish we could believe all the health claims a great variety…