Mike Lascelle

Gardening: Please, please feed the bees

Make sure you have flowering shrubs and perennials.

Gardening: Edible dogwoods, pick at peak ripeness

benefits to having a dogwood in the garden are the abundant edible berries or drupes that they bear.

Gardening: As our native plants evolve

When spring arrives, what’s left of the natural forest comes into bloom.

Gardening: Signs of spring after ‘Winterpeg’

Now that Maple Ridge has finally thawed out of this month-long deep freeze, we can walk through our gardens.

Gardening: The great Canadian plant

When it comes to plant selection, our nation has produced many fine cultivars over the years.

Home: ‘Growing your own’ plants from a seed

There are pitfalls to ‘growing your own’ but with a little guidance you can avoid the worst of them.

Home: In your garden, a preview of 2017

We must resort to protecting tender trees and shrubs from deep freezes, like the one we just saw.

Home: Christmas gifts for gardeners

It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to give a thoughtful gift.

How to make a ‘Who’ tree

The goal is to create an unnatural looking live tree using a young evergreen, floral wire, simple decorations and a little imagination.

Buddy, Dave, no fair-weather friend

British Columbia is the northern edge of the Anna's hummingbird wintering range.

Gardening: A conspiracy of orange

Reports of people flailing around in giant orange inflatables on Whonnock Lake back in August.

Growing apples the hard way

Jim and Mary Ann Rahe thought growing heritage apples would be an enjoyable retirement project.

Gardening: A harvest of flavours

The electric daisy is a Brazilian species with eyeball-shaped flowers that are consumed to alter your sense of taste.

Gardening: Re-visiting Sun Yat-Sen

Cultural icon was designed by local architects Joe Wai and Donald Vaughan.

Bringing the South Pacific to the Valley

Abbotsford soil is rich and growing conditions are good.

Gardening: A local cut flower

Cut flowers have become a truly international business.

gardening: The little plant that could

On a recent tour of the Colony Farms Community Garden I was grinning from ear to ear.

Gardening: Room to grow in Pitt Meadows

Unlike the local real estate prices, no one is going to be outbidding you for these spaces .

Gardening: Proudly a product of Whonnock

It is a community that seems to attract free-thinkers, people who care about the environment who aren’t afraid to speak out.

Getting ready for chafer invasion

How to defend your garden against the European chafer beetle.