Mike Lascelle

Gardening: Help build a better gardening book

I am really excited about this next project, which will be an in-depth look at edible ornamental plants.

Gardening: Incredible, edible wisteria blossoms

Wisteria blossoms have a sweet, nutty flavour but other parts of this common vine are toxic to some degree.

Gardening: Questions of fruit pollination

Answer the short pollination questionnaire to find out why there is a lack of fruit in your garden.

Gardening: You can’t keep a good nut down

The year 1942 was a bad one to be a Canadian of Japanese descent.

Gardening: The flower that gives back

What I didn’t know was how versatile this plant is in terms of potential uses and the benefits.

Gardening: Don’t be shy, eat your ugly vegetables

The parsnip was a gift from an experienced but bemused gardener who wondered what went wrong.

Gardens: Asking for a little less fertilizer

Save our marine animals, your lawn doesn't have to look so deep green

Gardening: predictions from 2016

I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice that people’s tastes in gardening are changing.

Gardening: Dealing with those cute little bunnies

The garden is being refurbished much in part to the fact that about 80 per cent of the existing trees are dead.

My list of superstitious plants

In honour of Halloween, I thought I would put together a list of superstitions associated with plants, many of which have been ...

Gardening: Invasion of the Coneheads

Paniculata hydrangeas so hardy they survive in Winnipeg.

Gardening: Something new for the palate

Moral of story, no matter how adventurous you think you are in the culinary department, by all means avoid the sea cucumber.

Formal gardens of the world

The epitome of this exaggerated landscape sits about 13 miles southwest of Paris with the Palace of Versailles.

Gardening: In the garden of Karl

3.5 acre parcel of rural Pitt Meadows has become a small island of sanity

Gardening: The other Japanese cherries

While beautiful in bloom, Japanese cherries are prone to many diseases

Gardening: The United Nations of gardening

Horticulture is virtually ‘colour blind,’ to race and it also doesn’t discriminate against age either

Gardening: Cornelian cherry, tree of many talents

Helps brighten dismal February days with brilliant haze of yellow flowers

Gardening: Playing Valentine’s Day roulette

Some helpful tips on the best type of flowers for the big day

Gardening: How to clone a clematis plant

A look at a local wholesale nursery that produces many of this spring's plants

Creating a winterberry wreath

A homemade winterberry wreath in three easy steps.