Mike Lascelle

Back to the (rare) winter garden

We live in a rare corner of Canada where we actually have a winter gardening season.

Vote like a gardener

Mike Lascelle points out some hot topics to consider in the upcoming municipal election.

Gardening: Harvest, tidy and decorate

The brilliant leaves are beautiful to behold, but seem to fall faster than we can rake them up.

Gardening: Constant of change, either way

Finding accurate horticultural information that is regionally relevant is difficult, if not impossible at times, even on the world-wide web.

New grasses for autumn planters

Ornamental grasses have been a staple of transition from summer to autumn.

Try adding a little heather

Heather will give you months of beautiful flowers or foliage despite the oncoming colder weather.

Gardening: Growing your own garlic

Although inexpensive, most store bought garlic is grown in China.

Finding local food bit of a process

Buying directly from local farmers or growing your own is the best way to make locally-grown food a reality in Maple Ridge.

Kids and carnivorous plants

And anything that focuses kids' awareness towards the natural world, even for a brief period of time, gives Mike Lascelle hope.

COLUMN: Tea of a different kind

Mike Lascelle says there are innumerable botanical teas to drink, including some native to Canada

It’s a German bearded iris revival

Gardeners have rediscovered the dramatic beauty and diverse colour range of this easy-to-grow perennial.

Gardening: Landscape you want, garden you get

If three decades of landscaping has taught me anything, it’s that many of the design mistakes people make are relatively common.

Flowers for Carlos, acts of kindness

As gardeners, we both understood what nature teaches us, that winter is inevitable and nothing really lasts forever.

The versatile Japanese maple

The Japanese maple provides year-round seasonal interest.

Jeff and his hummingbirds

Make your garden in Maple Ridge a mecca for hummingbirds

Roses for people who hate roses

A new line of disease-resistant roses called Clean ‘n Easy offers new hope for rose lovers.

Plight of the mighty monarch

Many shrubs and perennials can draw butterflies to your garden.

Former councillor’s labour of love yields results

Jon Harris began growing hazelnuts in the fall of 2000.

Gardening: Water, protect this valuable resource

It is this abundance of water that makes British Columbia such a beautiful place to live.

Good reasons to grow own produce

Forget purchasing organic produces, safest bet is to grow your own food