Mike Lascelle

Thriving on nothing but thin air

People need money and food but some plants need nothing

Gardening: Merry Christmas, from me to all of you

A close call inspires list of why this is a great place to live

Stepping up your Christmas décor

Natural decor ideas for the Christmas season using evergreen shrubs and berried plants.

Introducing fairy gardens

G. I. Joe not part of the scene but lots of opportunities for imagination in new garden trend

Six Reasons to Hellebore-Up

Sun, part sun or shade – many gardeners consider Hellebores as strictly shade plants

Beautiful accents to flowers with ornamental grass companions

Weekly column by Mike Lascelle, a gardening author and Pitt Meadows nursery manager

Celebrating the midsummer harvest

A gardening column by Mike Lascell's a nursery manager in Pitt Meadows who has writes weekly about gardening

Decoding the English cottage garden

design aesthetic can be difficult to achieve without an intimate knowledge of ongoing seasonal colour and growth habits

The Provence of Whonnock

Guy and Farida Coates have created a five-acre Whonnock destination garden called the Octagon Lavender Farm.

Gardening: Please don’t hack the hydrangeas

Be careful when tuning up the ornamental plant, prune carefully

Drought tolerant plants need time

Once they're established they can save you a world of hurt and water

Gardening: Growing your own perfect pot of tea

You'll reap a more refreshing, satisfying cuppa with the real stuff

Gardening: Lesson on types, species of edible figs

Never figured that mentioning figs would create such interest

Gardening: Finding a pharmacy in your yard

Dandelions brought to North America as medicinal plant, try them in a salad

Getting familiar with botanical Latin

The most controversial topic of all – how to pronounce these names properly

Gardening: Progression of roof garden science

Native plant best able to survive crazy weather up on the roof

Shade gardening for the disgruntled

Beautiful low-light landscapes are well within reach as long as you are willing to lower your expectations a little.

Gardening: Designing, assessing your garden

Sometimes it is best to completely renovate an unsatisfactory landscape than it is to tinker with it over the years.

The gardening season already started

Mike Lascelle is a nursery manager in Pitt Meadows and a gardening author.

Three reasons to garden in 2013

If there is one constant in life it is that nothing remains the same, and New Year’s celebrations bring this into sharp focus.