Horses have that healing touch

Healing Horses Sanctuary helps identify ailments, correct energy

ZsaZsa Stiasny and Maverick help re-energize clients. Stiasny is also holding crystal used to help energy flows.

ZsaZsa Stiasny and Maverick help re-energize clients. Stiasny is also holding crystal used to help energy flows.

Sometimes, the returns are so encouraging, what started out as a hobby, turns into a viable business.

Sometimes it works the other way. What started as a business evolves into a non-profit proposition,  to serve the community, as is happening with Healing Horses Sanctuary. It recently relocated to Maple Ridge from Pitt Meadows.

The sanctuary on 242nd Street and Dewdney Trunk Road offers a type of energy healing, similar to Reiki healing, which focuses on rebalancing energy within the body to achieve health.

According to the website, horses can make people aware of their mind, body and spirit.

Until September, the sanctuary operated on a for-profit basis, which it could have continued.

However, becoming a non-profit entity will allow ZsaZsa Stiasny, a personal coach and trainer, to offer lower rates on a break-even basis, $35 for a one-hour group session, $75 for a one-on-one session.

“Our goal is to be able to operate in a way that’s affordable and attractive for anyone that wants to try it,” says Stiasny, who adds that the centre draws clients from across the Lower Mainland.

Trail raiding based out of the 10-acre ranch also helps subsidize the equine therapy.

The focus at the centre is on emotional healing, rather than physical therapy through riding, as takes place at the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association on 256th Street.

The introductory process at the Healing Horses Sanctuary involves a new client walking into the arena for a meet-and-greet and where he or she (most of the clients, 85 per cent, are women) is surrounded by the 15 horses at the centre.

Then one of the horses “chooses” that person.

“There will just be a connection and that person will know,” explains Stiasny.

“Sometimes it’s instant.”

After spending time together, the horse can identify and ease mental or physical ailments. Stiasny helps by interpreting the behaviour, based on her 25 years in caring for horses.

According to the sanctuary’s website, “a horse in its natural state of being, is a mirror and teacher for humans. Through interacting with horses in a setting that encourages awareness of body, mind and spirit, healing and learning is achieved for the human.”

Stiasny adds, “It’s definitely like a dramatic scene that plays out.

“The horse can find areas on a human being that actually need to be energy healed.”

Stiasny also uses a variety of crystals, including quartz, as another type of rebalancing energy within a person.

Energy healing using horses is just starting to move into Canada from the U.S. where it’s grown the last decade.

To those who would doubt about the value of horses in healing people, Stiasny says no single therapy helps everyone.

Acupuncture doesn’t work for everyone, neither does acupressure or a chiropractor.

“People who own horses really believe that horses help you develop at an emotional level.

“There’s something about being around a horse that’s calming. For a lot of people, having a horse is therapeutic.”

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