Job fair in Maple Ridge

Meet potential employers or employees

Job fair organizers Tina Mcfarlane

Job fair organizers Tina Mcfarlane

A job fair will be held this Thursday evening at Golden Ears Winter Club, providing an opportunity to meet with potential employers. The event, organized by Peter Tam, focuses on local businesses in Maple Ridge.

“The idea began when I was invited to this Facebook group by one of the volunteers, Nicole van der Est,” said Tam, the local Green party candidate in this year’s federal election. “The group was for young adults who were having problems finding work in the Maple Ridge area.”

Maple Ridge is what’s known as a “bedroom community,” Tam said. Many residents live, but don’t work in the community as many businesses in the area focus on services, such as food or retail.

While many members of the Facebook group expressed a desire to work locally, instead of commuting, they don’t want to work in the service industry, Tam said.

Tam wants the job fair to be a catalyst for smaller businesses in Maple Ridge to connect with job seekers of all ages who may not have heard of them.

Employment agencies will also be present.

“Because of the short notice, bigger companies were not able to attend,” said Tam, hoping to make the job fair an annual event as companies have already expressed interest for next year.

“So it’s been a good start so far.”

Attendees will listen to presentations on career building and the economic outlook of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, as well as, have the chance to participate in seminars and resume workshops.

“It’ll be a smorgasbord of all the things that apply to the job search,” said Tam. “And we’ll be keeping it local.”