3D eagles mural finds home in park

Will be unveiled on Pitt Meadows Day at Harris Road Park.

The mural

The mural

A mural carved by more than 300 children from Pitt Meadows has finally found a home.

The city will allow the 3D structure to go up on a mound of grass in Harris Road Park after initially denying the request in October.

“It’s great news,” said Brad Dinwoodie, the artist who created the image of eagles in flight.

“It was a long, hard battle.”

City council previously rejected Dinwoodie’s request to install the mural in Harris Road Park over concerns about its placement obstructing the future expansion of a spray park and sports activities.

Dinwoodie however was adamant that the mural be installed in a public space such as the park.

“It was a huge community effort,” he said, noting that 21 companies donated materials for the project.

Dinwoodie and parks staff looked at 10 other locations but none fit.

“The whole idea was so that everyone could enjoy it and so everyone could see it,” he added.

“It’s meant to be an interactive piece of art.”

After receiving more information from the artist and a little lobbying from Susann Sigmund and Darlene Mercer who were on the city’s now-defunct public arts committee, council’s fears were allayed.

The mural is carved on gator foam and painted during Pitt Meadows Day last year. It will be unveiled during this year’s festivities.

“It seemed fitting to unveil it on the same day it was created,” said Dinwoodie, adding the children who helped paint the mural took a few liberties by adding extra details such as daisies and happy faces.

“I’m hoping it will foster a whole new appreciation for art.”