A past community clean-up. (The NEWS/files)

ARMS organizing community clean-up on July 21

Information on adopt-a-block to be given to volunteers

The Alouette River Management Society (ARMS) is organizing a community clean-up on Wednesday, July 21.

The non-profit is putting together a community clean-up at the Harry Hooge Park, next to the Harry Hooge Elementary school, this coming Wednesday, as part of its adopt-a-block program. The event will be take place from 9:30 to 11 a.m.

The organization is urging community members to come down to the community clean-up to get more information on joining the program and encouraging the public to sign up. The idea behind the adopt-a-block program is to encourage community engagement, promote proper waste disposal, building neighbourhood relationships and ensuring a cleaner, healthier city.

ARMS will provide pickers and bags for those coming to the event and any one who is already a member of the program is being asked to bring their existing adopt-a-block equipment and garbage bags.

Community members will need to send an RSVP to adoptablock@alouetteriver.org to save their spot.