Arrive early for barbeque

Pitt Meadows Day barbeque features salmon and chicken, arrive early to feast

Some firefighters will prep the salmon for BBQ

Some firefighters will prep the salmon for BBQ

Four hundred and fifty pounds of salmon will be cooked up by the Pitt Meadows fire department for Pitt Meadows Day this year.

The salmon will arrive at the fire hall the day before, then filleted and laid out on ice.

Then while most of the fire department marches in the Pitt Meadows Day parade, honourary members of the department stay behind to prep the fish and apply the secret spices.

The barbeque is set up for 3 p.m. behind the tourism office at Harris Road Park and is manned by 10 to 12 firefighters who will cook until the salmon is gone, usually by 6:30 p.m..

The salmon is provided by the Pitt Meadows Day committee.

Chicken will also be available.