A rabbit at the shelter enjoying the abundant supply of fresh veggies and herbs donated by the community. (BC SPCA Maple Ridge branch/Special to The News)

BC SPCA Maple Ridge branch overwhelmed with donated veggies and love from community

Animal shelter looking to share donated veggies with other SPCA shelters

BC SPCA’s Maple Ridge branch received an overwhelming response to their call for fresh veggies.

Earlier this month, the local animal shelter had put a call out to the community for fresh herbs and veggies, to help feed their small animals.

And the community responded to the call, generously.

In a social media post, the branch’s manager Krista Shaw wrote, “A HUGE thank you to everyone who has dropped off veggies for our small animals the past week! They have loved all of them. We have been so overwhelmed by your generosity that we have run out of fridge space in our 4 fridges. We are working on sharing with other BC SPCA branches but for the time being we don’t need anymore.”

One such veggie donor was six-year-old Makaylah Oliver, who wanted to bring veggies for rabbits and other little animals. Makaylah’s family adopted two rabits last year, Herb and Sage and ever since, caring for not just her rabbits but others in the shelter, has become important for her, said her mother Kelly Oliver.

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“Makaykah and I were at the market picking up our weekly veggies for Herb and Sage when she asked me if there are still other animals at the shelter. I told her I’m sure there are, and she became concerned about whether or not they get special treats like carrots and apples like we get for herb and sage, and if they have enough food. I explained about the SPCA and how they don’t get lots of money, and that they rely on donations from people like us so she wanted to add to our shopping cart a bunch of stuff to bring,” said Kelly.

“I think its important to teach our kids how important giving back is.”

While the Maple Ridge branch doesn’t require any more veggies at the moment, this can change in the future. The best resource for any information or similar calls put out by the branch in the future is the branch’s social media page: https://www.facebook.com/bcspca.mapleridge.

“If you would like to donate, please check back on a weekly basis as we go through the greens weekly and always need more,” said Shaw.

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