Marlowe Evans.

Marlowe Evans.

Being Young: June will be here before you know it

It’s been an interesting beginning to the year.

It is now the end of the second week of school. My schedule has been changed three times, and I can’t remember my locker combination.

The start of the school year is like New Year’s. Every September, I feel like I should change my routine. I shouldn’t leave things to the last minute, and I should study more carefully. I should try to pack lunch the night before school and lay out my clothes so I don’t rush in the morning. I shouldn’t lose my assignments.

Do I always live up to my September resolutions? I think the answer is obvious.

Yet this year, I can’t do what I normally do when October rolls around and toss my resolve into the wind.

This is my last September as a high school student; I’m in the 12th grade.

If I don’t live up to my September resolutions this year, I won’t ever get the chance again.

It’s been an emotional two weeks. Every time I do something at school, I think, “It’s my last time.”

Yes, I’m nostalgic about big things like not having to buy textbooks or pay tuition, but I’ve also started to notice little things about my high school that I’ll miss.

I’ll definitely miss that one wonky door handle near the science lab that I have to pull up to open. I’ll miss the Great Halls. I’ll miss my friends and negotiating with my teachers.

Just like any other year, I have my list of things to change about my work ethic and my routine, but this year I have a different approach to my resolutions. I’ve made up a simple list of September resolutions for my Grade 12 year.

First, I will take the advice of Ferris Bueller, and “stop and look around once in a while.” I want to get involved with all the clubs and activities at my school. I don’t want to be in first-year university and realize that I missed out on something in high school that my university doesn’t have.

Second, I will make sure that I don’t stress out. This is easy enough to say, but I have finally figured out how to do it. I’m going to drink lots of water. I’m going to read my assignments as soon as I get them and I’m going to work on them gradually so I don’t have to marathon.

I’m going to apply to universities early.

Most importantly, I’m leaving myself an hour a day for things I enjoy. If I have an hour of homework, I get an hour of dance. I’m going to be 18. I can make up my own rules.

The third and last item on my list is probably the most important – to help make sure that next September is easier for other kids.

Over the course of this year, I will be able to share some of my experiences navigating through Grade 12 and hope my journey will help those students who come after me.

Unlike New Year’s we only get 10 months, not 12. Take advantage of September. Get to October. June will be here before you know it.

Marlowe Evans is a senior student at Thomas Haney secondary who writes about youth issues.