Citizen helps Ridge RCMP officer in altercation

Female officer suffers broken bone in hand, male suspected taken into custody.

Ridge Meadows RCMP are looking for a Good Samaritan who assisted police on Wednesday, Feb. 24 with a combative suspect.

At approximately 1:44 p.m. a female police officer arrested a male suspect in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen restaurant on the Lougheed Highway at 225 Street.

The suspect was resistant, and attempted to escape from the lawful arrest, according to police.

During the struggle between the officer and the suspect, a male citizen assisted the officer, preventing the suspect from leaving. The suspect was then taken into custody.

“As a result of the commotion, police were not able to speak with the citizen and find out who he is,” said Cpl. Brenda Winpenny.  “The officer involved suffered a hand injury, which included a broken bone, and the end result may have been different if this man didn’t stop to help.  We sincerely hoping this hero will come forward so we can thank him for going above and beyond.”

Police are asking for the citizen, or anyone who knows who this is, to contact Ridge Meadows RCMP at 604-463-6251, or by e-mailing and quote file No. 2016-4103.


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