Residents say there are no stop signs at several corners and people often speed past Westview Park. (Priyanka Ketkar/The News)

Residents say there are no stop signs at several corners and people often speed past Westview Park. (Priyanka Ketkar/The News)

City of Maple Ridge seeking resident interest in traffic calming measures for Laityview area

Residents have until Aug. 30 to submit their petition

The city of Maple Ridge is trying to gauge neighbourhood support to a Laityview/Westview area-based property owner’s request for potential traffic calming measures in their area.

A property owner in Maple Ridge has requested the city to consider putting in place potential traffic calming measures on 121 Ave., 211 St., Glenwood Ave, and 212 St. between 210 St. and Wicklund Ave.

In a letter received by the residents, the Manager of Transportation Mark Halpin wrote, “As a first step, the city would like to hear from you to gauge neighbourhood support for potential traffic calming through the enclosed Traffic Calming Petition. If neighbourhood support meets thresholds as defined in the Traffic Calming Policy, resources will be allocated for data collection and further analysis.”

The city’s Neighbourhood Traffic Calming program is aimed at providing educational enforcement and physical measures such as stop signs, speed-bumps to address traffic issues.

A local mother of three, Katie, feels it is important to have these measures put in.

“I am glad to see this first step is happening. I had phoned last year about it trying to see if we can get some measures put in and so far what we have achieved is the Park Zone sign put up on 121 which again nobody pays attention to unless you live around here,” she said.

Katie said she grew up on a similar street and rode bicyles, rollerblades around but now where she lives, there are corners that have no stop signs, and that people just speed right past Westview Park “as if there is nothing there”.

“I would like to see people slow down, pay more attention to what is around them. Just a couple of weeks ago, my son got a hoverboard for his birthday and he was out there with it. A car came around the corner and I saw it coming down blindly and it nearly hit him. I was standing right there and screamed at the car to slow down but he didn’t,” she said.

Another concerned resident in the area told The News that this move could not have come soon enough.

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“There are a lot of children that live on 121 and it’s only a matter of time before one of them is killed by one of the motorists speeding through,” said the neighbour who has been tailgated and honked at driving down the street “because people are in such a rush to get through.”

The resident also pointed out that several cars parked on the street have lost mirrors and been side swiped.

“It’s mind blowing that something hasn’t been done sooner. I would love to be able to see the children playing in the streets again,” said the resident.

The city is looking for a response to their letter by Aug. 30 and would consider that the residents who receive the letter and attached petition in mail, are not in support, if they don’t submit a response to the city by the deadline.

For any questions, the city is encouraging residents to call Mark Halpin on 604-467-7450.

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