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Must-see Halloween displays in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows

From delightful to deranged, these are the must-see homes this spooky season

The spooky and delightful can be seen all over Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows right now as homeowners turn their homes into eye-catching haunted house displays.

With less than a week until Halloween, THE NEWS has curated a list of some of the best local haunted displays that should be on everyone’s must-see list this spooky season.

Maple Ridge:

12795 227A St. - Alouette Cemetery

This display spans not just one, but two properties. The primary attraction, which is named Alouette Cemetery, is located at 12795 227A St., while the neighbour property of 12785 227A St. continues the “graveyard” for viewers’ delight. This impressive display is something Stacey and Brad Lyle have been doing for years. And to put their obsession with everything spooky to good use, they have a donation box set up out front to collect money for Katie’s Place animal shelter.

20812 Stoney Ave. - Spirit on Stoney Ave

This is yet another display that gathers donations while scaring by-passers. The Maple Ridge display is known as Spirit on Stoney Ave and features a long enclosed spooky tunnel on the driveway that is filled with various scares to spook both kids and adults alike. Homeowner Bryce Young has set up a website for people who visit his display to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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20510 124A Ave.

John McKweon’s home might not be as big as Spirit on Stoney Ave or Alouette Cemetery, but he packs a lot of frights into it. He has been doing elaborate displays for decades, but makes sure to add something new each year to keep people coming back. This year, the new additions are various animated characters on screens, a giant inflatable witch, and a trailer filled with horrific figures from some of the most popular horror films. McKweon also has a donation bin set up for anyone who wants to contribute something to the local food bank.

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20235 125 Ave.

Over by the Meadow Gardens Golf Course, this home features long stretches of spider webs, terrifying pumpkin creatures, and more skeletons and creepy baby dolls than should be able to fit in one yard.

21110 River Rd.

Those who don’t like spiders might want to stay away from this home just off of the Fraser River. The yard is covered in a giant LED spider web, paired with an equally bright spider. There are also plenty of ghosts and other spooky figures in the yard to make a delightful display.

12796 228 St.

This home is just down the road from Alouette Cemetery and will have the entire garage transformed into an interactive Halloween display. Inflatable skeletons and spiders are just a few of the components of this attraction, with the possibility of a live Jigsaw character on Halloween night.

11759 Graves St.

This eye-catching attraction, appropriately located on Graves Street, sets itself apart by being one of the only themed displays in the community. Every inch of the yard is covered in various wild west decorations, with a giant sign letting visitors know that they have entered Deadwood, which is now only populated with dozens of skeletons, including a giant one dressed as a sheriff.

11963 221 St.

A little bit of everything scary has been thrown into this yard, giving spectators plenty to look at. By far the biggest decoration is a giant spider that has climbed over their shrub wall and caught its latest victim in a mass of blood and webs.

22925 125A Ave.

Even though it’s landlocked, this Maple Ridge home is the site of an impressive shipwreck display. Taking over the entire yard, this massive scene is filled with the skeletal bodies of past crew members and is still covered with the treasures and decor from their pirating days.

21189 Douglas Ave.

A haunted pumpkin patch has taken over this yard, with plenty of creepy figures to terrify kids and adults alike, including a nightmarish pumpkin creature standing roughly 15 feet tall.

Pitt Meadows:

11087 Barnston View Rd.

At the corner of Barnston View Road and Hoffman Way, this home has an entire graveyard that is populated with nothing but funny names. Right beside the graveyard is the scarier section of the yard, which features demonic clowns and horrifying portraits.

11619 Cobblestone Ln.

This home also has two different sides to it with very different aesthetics. On the side of the house is a vibrant light show featuring gravestones, singing masks, and music that viewers can listen to from their speaker or tune into on their own radio by switching to 88.3 FM. At the front of the home is a collection of horror and fog, topped with an animatronic demon girl on a swing, jumping spiders, and electrocution victims.

19208 Streamstone Walk

Just down the street from 11619 Cobblestone Ln. is this terrifying home, which features many massive displays, including a jack-in-the-box clown who loves to talk to visitors. There is also a towering skeleton next to a statue of the headless horseman and a giant inflatable witch.

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