GALLERY: Pitt Meadows kids share an artistic Merry Christmas

Lexi Power (Special to The News)Lexi Power (Special to The News)
Ariya Aujla, 11 (Special to The News)Ariya Aujla, 11 (Special to The News)
Helen Logan, 10 (Special to The News)Helen Logan, 10 (Special to The News)
Ainsley Bruce, 10 (Special to The News)Ainsley Bruce, 10 (Special to The News)
Alexandra Dyck, 11 (Special to The News)Alexandra Dyck, 11 (Special to The News)
Brenna Henderson, 11 (Special to The News)Brenna Henderson, 11 (Special to The News)
Camryn, 10 (Special to The News)Camryn, 10 (Special to The News)
Carson Gillespie, 10 (Special to The News)Carson Gillespie, 10 (Special to The News)
Charlotte Bried, 10 (Special to The News)Charlotte Bried, 10 (Special to The News)
Hannah Logie, 10 (Special to The News)Hannah Logie, 10 (Special to The News)
Havana Tawse (Special to The News)Havana Tawse (Special to The News)
Kaydence, 10 (Special to The News)Kaydence, 10 (Special to The News)
Leilah Birth, 11 (Special to The News)Leilah Birth, 11 (Special to The News)
Lucas, 11 (Special to The News)Lucas, 11 (Special to The News)
Maelie, 10 (Special to The News)Maelie, 10 (Special to The News)
Maggie, 10 (Special to The News)Maggie, 10 (Special to The News)
Max Ritchey, 10 (Special to The News)Max Ritchey, 10 (Special to The News)
Mikayla Iatayan, 11 (Special to The News)Mikayla Iatayan, 11 (Special to The News)
Paeytn Reid, 10 (Special to The News)QuiPaeytn Reid, 10 (Special to The News)Qui
Quinn Keizer, 10 (Special to The News)Quinn Keizer, 10 (Special to The News)
Reid, 10 (Special to The News)Reid, 10 (Special to The News)
Scarlett Blais, 10 (Special to The News)Scarlett Blais, 10 (Special to The News)
Tayla, 11 (Special to The News)Tayla, 11 (Special to The News)
Thea, 11 (Special to The News)Thea, 11 (Special to The News)

Each Christmas, The News invites different local schools to share some holiday art for inclusion in the print and online editions of the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows media outlet.

It’s a holiday tradition.

Take a look at the holiday images created by the Grade 5/6 students in Natalie Nielsen’s French immersion class at Pitt Meadows Elementary.

We hope you enjoy the view of Christmas from these youngsters.


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