Flynn with his wife Nikki, and their two children. (GoFundMe photo)

Flynn with his wife Nikki, and their two children. (GoFundMe photo)

GoFundMe for Maple Ridge man suffering from brain cancer raises 60k

Matt Flynn, 38, is undergoing treatments costing around 8K per month

A Maple Ridge man is receiving strong support from the community during the most difficult battle of his life.

Matthew Flynn, 38, is currently fighting terminal brain cancer.

The husband, and father of two, was diagnosed in January of 2018, and has been giving it all since, his sisters, Shawna and Alissa Flynn, note in a GoFundMe post.

The fight has taken most of his energy, and Flynn has been unable to work. His wife, Nikki, is a flight attendant, who has had to postpone a return to work, to care for her ailing husband and their children.

A series of treatments meant to give Flynn a chance at seeing the children, ages six and three, grow up a little more, costs more than $8,000.

To help in the battle, a GoFundMe was set up by Flynn’s siblings. To date it has raised more than $60,000.

Nikki said the family is at a loss for words.

“We’re so blessed to have amazing family and friends who love and care for us,” she said.

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His sister, Shawna, said Flynn is the strongest person she knows.

“I told him earlier how proud I am of him, and he asked me why, and I said, the amount of strength and discipline that you have shown in facing this has been absolutely inspirational,” she said.

Prior to his diagnosis, Flynn stood nearly 6-foot-5, and was a physical specimen. He lifted weights and worked out religiously. While fighting cancer he has taken the same disciplined approach.

“He hasn’t had anything that even tastes good to eat for two years,” Shawna said. “He has taken this so seriously.

“Everyday there is a chance of new therapeutic advancements. He has an entire army of friends and family standing behind him in this battle. After all, love and hope are undoubtedly the most powerful medicines.”

To support the Flynn family, the GoFundMe page can be found at

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