Help feed birds in winter

Find out what species in your area, and once you start feeding, keep going until spring

Cold weather and snow is making its seasonal appearance over much of Canada, making it increasingly difficult for birds to find enough food.

The Humane Society of Canada says that people and birds can both benefit when humans assist their feathered friends by supplying them with a continual supply of quality bird feed.

According to Al Hickey, with the Humane Society of Canada, it is a good idea to learn what species of birds live in your area, then find out what types of feed would be good for them.

“To learn about local species of birds and the foods they like, you can talk to employees who sell bird feed, as well as local nature and bird watching groups and animal protection organizations.”

According to HSC Executive Director Michael O’Sullivan, it may take a while for birds to discover their new food source, but says that they will find bird feeders and gratefully return on a regular basis.

“It is important to ensure that once you start supplying local birds with food that you keep food in the feeder until the birds’ natural food supplies become plentiful once again in the spring.”