Hundred daily hikes just not enough for Maple Ridge family

Hundred daily hikes just not enough for Maple Ridge family

Having achieved their personal goal on Father’s Day, they’ve now decided to shoot for 183 daily treks

They’re love of the outdoors may very well have turned into an addiction.

The Robbins family has been out every day since COVID hit, exploring the backwood, hiking trails, dikes, and pathways – primarily in their own backyard of Maple Ridge.

The News previously shared their quest, when MaryAnna Robbins and her three young children first sought to take a one-and-a-half to three-hour walk each and every day for 100 days – rain or shine.

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As the shut downs spread and the duration of the shelter at home efforts expanded, the numbers of family hikes grew – with one each day.

Soon the Robbins reached 20. Then 40. Then, the Maple Ridge family set a goal to complete 100.

Well that goal was reached on Father’s Day. But that still wasn’t enough, MaryAnna said.

“We got to 100. But it didn’t feel right to stop just yet,” shared the long-time competitive runner.

“We are going for half the year, which is 182.2. But we will do 183, finishing on Sept. 12,” MaryAnna announced Sunday.

With so many events cancelled and rec facilities shuttered due to the coronavirus, MaryAnna and her husband sought to keep her three young children active.

The solution, Mom and Oaklan, age five, Corenth, three, and Nyanna, two, decided to take the on a few hikes through local trails.



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Hundred daily hikes just not enough for Maple Ridge family