Janelle Pomeroy with PNE 4H coordinator Rachel Hope. (Contributed)

Janelle Pomeroy with PNE 4H coordinator Rachel Hope. (Contributed)

Maple Ridge teen lobbying for backyard chickens wins PNE poultry competition.

Said that advocacy helped in presentation to judges

Janelle Pomeroy’s hard work at trying to bring backyard chickens to Maple Ridge has paid off, at the PNE, according to a news release. She won senior showmanship, a competition where 4H poultry members are judged on a number of areas including their knowledge of poultry and their ability to present this knowledge to a judge.

“We have held many events in the past year to promote backyard chickens in Maple Ridge,” said Pomeroy in the release. “This has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge about chickens with hundreds of people. I have no doubt this experience has helped me in the show ring.”

“I think it’s time the bylaws were changed in Maple Ridge to allow backyard chickens. With more and more people becoming concerned about where their food comes from, being able to raise their own chickens for fresh eggs just makes sense.”

The City of Maple Ridge is currently holding an online public consultation on backyard hens. “The city needs to hear from those of us who want the opportunity to have backyard chickens, and fast, says Pomeroy. “The survey closes Aug. 31.”

“Remember to include your lot size when you fill out the survey” she says. she goes on to say, “There would be no point in having a bylaw change is no one’s lots size qualified for chickens”.”