Grade 4 students at Meadowridge School raised $2,104.73 for B.C. Children’s Hospital and Child Haven. (Contributed)

Grade 4 students at Meadowridge School raised $2,104.73 for B.C. Children’s Hospital and Child Haven. (Contributed)

Meadowridge students raise thousands for charity

Grade 4 students held a Kids for Kids’ Rights Fun Fair and raised money for one local and one charity abroad.

The fourth annual Kids for Kids’ Rights Fun Fair was held at Meadowridge School Nov. 10 raising thousands of dollars for charity.

The event started when the Grade 4 students were taught in the Unit of Inquiry, Who We Are class that not all children get to go to school or have three meals a day.

The students decided they wanted to do something to help.

They were tasked with exploring different charitable organizations and people who have made a difference in the community to figure out who they wanted to support with a fundraiser.

A professor from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business was invited to the school to expain the basics of business including place, product, pomotion and price in order for the students to maximize their profit.

The students then decided to organize a fun fair. They designed their own posters, priced toys and books, tested out the carnival games and crafted their own wares to sell at the event. This year they raised $2,104.73.

Half of the raised funds will be going to B.C. Children’s Hospital to help sick and injured children and to help fund research to find cures for diseases. The other half of the money will be going to Child Haven, an organization that takes care of poor and orphaned children in India and other parts of Asia. Child Haven has ten homes that provide care and education for students to support them becoming successful and independent young adults.

B.C. Children’s Hospital was chosen because some students had past experiences there or knew somebody who had an experience with the hospital. They also felt it important to support another charity abroad.

In the past the fund fair has raised money for Free The Children to build a school and a well in Haiti including money for supplies.