New anti-bullying training will promote safer schools

Teachers and administrators will be taught how recognize and deal with abuse

The provincial government is developing a new training program for teachers and administrators on how to deal with bullying.

The program will provide extensive face-to-face training within school districts, develop website content and provide initial support to district teams on serious incidents.

The provincial government is currently looking for a contractor to provide the program, which it hopes will help reduce bullying, harassment and school-related threats and risks, while building more consistency across school districts.

According to the Ministry of Education, the program will provide parents with resources and tools for parents, teachers and administrators to recognize and talk to students or their child about steps they can take if they are concerned about bullying.

The program will also provide training for school and district teams on how to create positive, safe school environments. In addition, specialized training on threat and risk assessment to support teachers to recognize behaviours and help them create community teams to address situations as they arise.

The training and resources will be made available to all public elementary  and secondary schools.