Paxton posing with some of the bikes he has repaired so far. (Philip Pires/Special to The News)

Paxton posing with some of the bikes he has repaired so far. (Philip Pires/Special to The News)

Nine-year-old entrepreneur in Maple Ridge fixes bikes, donates money

Paxton to give the first round of funds raised to Children’s Hospital

A nine-year-old in Maple Ridge started repairing bikes last year and has turned it into a small business, even donating to charity.

Paxton, a Whonnock Elementary student, started repairing bikes last year after his father brought home bikes from his rubbish removal business.

“I had too many bikes in the yard and dad said to start working on them,” said Paxton.

Paxton started with simple repairs, fixing brakes, chains and for anything complicated, he would turn to his father, but his father, Philip Pires, said that Paxton soon got the hang of things and fixed up the bikes mostly on his own.

Over the past year, Paxton worked on improving his skills and started a Facebook page “Paxton’s Used Bikes” with his father’s help, to sell the bikes. Since January this year, when he sold his first bike, Paxton has fixed roughly 40 bikes and sold around 20.

But this isn’t just a business for Paxton. He is also setting aside a portion of his sales for charity and has so far raised roughly $250 which he plans to give to the BC Children’s Hospital.

“About $5 to $20 from each sale goes to charity, to help people in need,” said Paxton.

People have also donated bikes to Paxton, and Paxton is able to fix them up and sell them. He has brought tools and equipment, other used bikes, and a remote controlled car so far from his sales, said Paxton, most excited about his car purchase.

“We don’t give gime an allowance, so if he wanted his own money, he’d have to earn it. We are extremely proud of him. He has been working hard, we even made a shed for him on the property,” said Pires. “A lot of bikes came in through my business and I just recycled them. Had I known they would sell so well, I probably would have been doing it instead. But I didn’t, and now it is his little business.”

Anyone who wants to support this young entrepreneur’s business, can visit his Facebook Page:

Paxton is also hoping people would like and share his page.

“I will also be doing a giveaway soon, to give a bike to a child in need,” he said. He did one such giveaway earlier this year and is hoping to do more such giveaways for those kids who can’t afford a new bike, or even a used one.

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