Dog tags help the city identify and reunite dogs with rightful owners. (The News files)

Dog tags help the city identify and reunite dogs with rightful owners. (The News files)

Pitt Meadows residents can save money on dog licence if applied before Jan. 31

Municipal bylaw requires that all dogs six months or older must be licensed

The deadline for dog owners to get their furry friends registered in Pitt Meadows is fast approaching. Residents applying or renewing their licences before Jan. 31 can get discounted rates.

Those applying after might have to pay $15 extra. The city officers and animal shelters use a dog licence or dog tag to identify lost pets.

“Buying an annual dog licence means that should your dog get lost, your furry friend can be returned to you,” said Carolyn Baldridge, manager of communications at the City of Pitt Meadows.

She shared that under the city’s dog control bylaw, every dog over six months of age must be licensed. The bylaw states that those who don’t comply can be fined at least $500. The cost of obtaining or renewing a dog licence is determined by whether the animal is spayed/neutered and how friendly it is.

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Baldridge explained that spayed/neutered dogs can be registered at a reduced fee, but the licence fee for aggressive dogs is more. She further encouraged residents to read the responsible dog ownership guide available to download from the city’s website.

In Pitt Meadows, residents are required to leash their dogs in public spaces and dikes; however, Baldridge said that there are two parks in the city that allow dogs to walk off-leash – Hoffmann and North Bonsor Park. Pitt Meadows is one of the few cities that offers in-house dog licence services.

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Meaning people don’t have to reach out to third parties to get their dogs registered. People can apply online at or fill up the application in person at the city hall.

More information is available at Payments can be mailed or dropped off at the drop box attached to the Westside window doors (pond side).

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