Restoration work

The Alouette River Management Society and Katzie First Nation launched a five-year restoration program for the Katzie Slough.

Restoration work

Katzie Slough is an urban stream that’s struggling.  The Alouette River Management Society and the Katzie First Nation want to improve its health and have launched a five-year restoration program, funded by the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

Nicole Driedger (above) of the Alouette River Management Society sampled water in Katzie Slough, near Golden Ear Bridge, on Friday. Drieger, with help from Anthony Florence, Ashley Adams and others, also put five traps into Katzie Slough and Blind Channel along Airport Way.

The traps caught small numbers of stickleback and some unknown fish, one tadpole, but no salmon.

They found, stickleback, and unknown fish, pumpkin seeds.

The water quality in the channel wasn’t poor, but the slough was turbid.

One concern is that the paved pathway that runs parallel to the slough is cutting off ground water flow into the stream, choking it of its water supply.