Ridge home show attracts 22,000

Staff help overcome wet weather and emergency evacuations.

Four hundred children got to try riding a motorcycle in a safe atmosphere at the home show.

Four hundred children got to try riding a motorcycle in a safe atmosphere at the home show.

Despite on-again, off-again rain and two evacuations on Saturday, the Ridge Meadows Home Show went smoothly over the weekend.

Around 22,000 people passed through the doors of the Home Show over three days, and an additional 3,000 people came out for the outdoor family festival alone.

Cassandre Winder, Ridge Meadows Home Show project coordinator, credited staff for ensuring the annual event’s success.

“The weather was, of course, a huge challenge because we were covering the grounds and then bailing water off the grounds and then putting plastic back down on the grounds and then pulling the plastic back up and then putting it back down and then bailing and draining,” said Winder.

Also on Saturday, Planet Ice and the Golden Ears Winter Club had to be evacuated twice due to a malfunctioning fire alarm.

“It appears that it was just a maintenance overdue [issue],” Winder added, “one of the sensors that monitors particulates in the air.”

However, “We got to see just how effective all our pre-show safety planning was. And on two occasions we had the entire building evacuated in under three minutes. Which we are told is absolutely record-breaking for venues of that size.”

None of the interruptions prevented Jarret Myers from winning the Heather Hills Golf Course longest drive competition, hitting a ball 317 yards.

That event was new to the home show this year.

Applications have already started pouring in for next year’s show and Winder is already planning more new additions.

One of the things she is looking at is a project that will tie in with wellness called The Fountain of Truth.

She would also like to gather a group of professionals that represent all areas of anti-aging and well-being.

Winder would also like to introduce BMX riding to the Home Show, especially considering how popular the Western Yamaha Rider’s Academy was this year. Four hundred children got the opportunity to try riding a motorcycle in a safe atmosphere.

Winder would also like to introduce an outdoor fashion show.

“We just have to look around and see what people are into in their lives and reflect it back to them.”

• To fill out an application for a spot in next years show go to www.ridgemeadowshomeshow.com.