Swan found, back home

Jogger finds it downstream a bit on the South Alouette River

Anna Bailey now has her concrete swan back.

Anna Bailey now has her concrete swan back.

The elusive concrete swan has come home.

The heavy ornament that was perched on a rock in the South Alouette River outside Anna Bailey’s house was removed last week.

But it didn’t go far.

A jogger found it down river a bit.

That’s when Ridge Meadows RCMP and Maple Ridge Fire Department stepped in.

Firefighters and police loaded the swan into a van and drove it back to Bailey’s house, where it sits, its fate uncertain.

“Imagine all these people getting involved. It is very nice,” Bailey said.

Bailey might paint the swan now. And maybe the swan can be cemented back on to the rock, so it doesn’t go missing again, although it depends on what the rest of the family says, she added.

Bailey, who recently moved from Vancouver, appreciates all the help from her good neighbours.