Two young boys escape the heat at a local water park. (Colleen Flanagan - The News)

Two young boys escape the heat at a local water park. (Colleen Flanagan - The News)

VIDEO: Beating the heat

Maple Ridge residents discuss plans to stay cool this weekend

With temperatures expected to climb above 40 Celsius this weekend, locals need plans to stay cool.

Various Maple Ridge residents gathered in-and-around Memorial Peace Park on Friday afternoon talked about the weather and what they recommend to avoid overheating.

A group of girls enjoying a picnic had conflicting views on the rising temperatures.

While a couple said they don’t like the heat, one young lady remarked she was from the Philippines, and that it reminds her of home.

Danni Webster said she was going to try and stay in a cool area.

“In the shade or in the park,” she said, adding she will probably grab a nice drink from a local business.

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Jesse Olafson said the best place in Maple Ridge right now is a swimming hole.

“Hot Rocks is a really nice place to go to cool off,” he said.

One Ridge resident said he was planning to stay inside.

“I like it hot, but this is a little too hot,” said Mark Wharton.

If people insist on going outdoors though, he recommends the water park on 232 Street.

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