A Doll spirals out of control

Will Mandy Maison be able to take control of her life again? Will her faith in God’s love be enough for a second chance?

Zola Blue

Zola Blue

A young girl’s life spirals out of control as she struggles to discover her true self in a Pitt Meadows author’s debut novel.

Porcelain Doll is the story of Mandy Maison, a girl who was given everything – wealth, beauty and popularity. However, she was selfish and only used others as a means to get what she wants.

When her father passes away, Maison, now 25 years old, goes through a period of depression and her life takes another path.

She becomes involved with people who don’t have her best interests at heart.

She starts to drink and takes a position in a submissive castle called Belganor.

Will she be able to take control of her life again? Will her faith in God’s love be enough for a second chance?

These are the questions Zola Blue, of Pitt Meadows, explores in her first novel.

“I saw so many young girls sitting around and I wondered how they came to that situation where they are begging on the street,” Blue said about why she wrote the book.

Blue is from Florida originally. At 18, she went into the United States Air Force and was sent to Alaska.

She moved to the Yukon, where she met a Canadian man, then moved to Port Coquitlam, where she met her husband before settling in Pitt Meadows. She has been writing for the past five years.

“I’m 56 now and I’ve been through a lot of life. I’ve been through a lot of trials and errors and I see so many young girls and I know life was tough,” explained the author.

Blue looks to God in her own life and feels she is on a spiritual quest.

The book is about God and how he takes and he understands us as we go through the trials of life, she said.

“But in his love, he is still there for us,” she added.

She also explores the theme of submissiveness, which she sees as a position of strength. Blue is hoping that her book gives women strength to have control of their own destinies.

“There is always a way out of what we get ourselves into as females,” she said.

Blues second book, Treacherous Deceit, is being released in a couple of weeks and she is currently working on a children’s fantasy.

Porcelain Doll is published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd., an independent trade publisher.