Agnes of God challenges belief

Play to be entered in the Fraser Valley Theatre Festival in Langley .

Margaret Shearman (left) plays Dr. Martha Livingstone

Margaret Shearman (left) plays Dr. Martha Livingstone

The powerful story about a young nun charged with murdering a new born baby is the latest production by the Emerald Pig Theatrical Society.

The play follows the storyline of Agnes, played by Jenni Rempel, and examines how she became pregnant in the first place. There is also the battle between the court appointed psychiatrist Dr. Martha Livingstone, played by Margaret Shearman, who’s been charged with finding out if Agnes is suitable to stand trial against the Mother Superior Miriam Ruth, played by Cindy Peterson, who believes Agnes is truly an innocent who’s been touched by God.

“It challenges people to think about belief,” explained award winning director Simon Challenger.

“Do we really believe that Agnes was touched by God and maybe her child is the result of a divine intervention? Or is there a more mundane approach, and I don’t mean to use the word mundane to trivialize it, but was she raped?” asked Challenger.

Also, how did she hide the pregnancy for nine months?

“It’s a struggle between the doctor and the mother superior for this young woman’s soul, her existence,” said Challenger of the play written by John Pielmeier.

“Maybe the mother superior is [protecting Agnes] because it helps her to reaffirm her belief and maybe the doctor is going hard after what she believes to be the truth because the doctor, likewise, is trying to enforce her lack of belief,” Challenger speculated.

Challenger plans to enter Agnes of God into this years Fraser Valley Theatre Festival in Langley and promises the audience an intense theatre experience where they will be challenged and in suspense for the entire show.

Agnes of God runs April 28-30 and May 5-7 at 8 p.m. at the North Fraser Event Centre, 9975 – 272nd St. in Maple Ridge.

April 28 is the preview night and tickets are $15 each.

All other nights tickets are $20-$22 each.

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