Amish story on Gallery 7 stage

Quiet in the Land explores the complexities of faith

Megan Mackenzie

Megan Mackenzie

War.  Forgiveness.  Faith. Tradition.  Fathers and sons. These are just some of the themes that form the heart of Gallery 7 Theatre’s next production, Quiet in the Land, by Canadian playwright Ann Chislett.

“We produced this play 10 years ago,” explains artistic director Ken Hildebrandt. “It was very popular then with audiences, especially with members of the Mennonite community. This year being our 20th anniversary, I thought it only fitting that we go back to our roots as a theatre and re-mount this play with a refreshed look and vision.”

A prodigal son story set in a Canadian Amish community during the Second World War, Quiet in the Land explores the complexities of tradition and faith in an ever changing world.

Yock Bauman can’t comprehend how his strict father can stand idly by while war rages on in Europe. Shunning the pacifist beliefs of his community, Yock enlists in the military and soon becomes a hero to the nation, but an outcast to his own.

Having been powerfully affected by the horrors of battle, Yock returns to his father, but soon finds he has lost more than he could have imagined.

“I’m curious to see how the production speaks to our current world and cultural realities,” muses Hildebrandt. “Though much has changed in the past 10 years, a lot hasn’t. We still deal with war, relationships, faith, traditions … all those universal things that make-up the human experience.  It’ll be interesting to see what new truths this re-envisioned production brings to the surface.”

• Quiet in the Land plays at the MEI Auditorium, 4081 Clearbrook Road in Abbotsford until Saturday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m.  For tickets, call 1-800-665-8828.