Art Bar lets adults create like kids

“Sip and sample the arts,” is how the ACT invites participants to take part in its new Art Bar programs.

“Sip and sample the arts,” is how the ACT invites participants to take part in its new Art Bar programs.

The ACT offers summer programs that expose kids to new activities, and arts programs manager Carol Cheremkora consistently heard the same “that looks like fun” message from moms and dads.

The ACT should offer arts sample programs for adults, too, the parents often said, and now this year it does.

The concept of Art Bar is “an evening of art and wine,” and the $35 entry fee includes a participant’s first drink, and a professional artist guiding them through an art experience. It is open only to those of age – 19-plus, and no art experience is necessary.

October brought a painting Art Bar, November sketching, and now December brings this year’s last Art Bar in drumming with Boris Sichon.

Communications manager Karen Pighin got the chance to take part in a beginner drumming session with Sichon during a staff participation event.

“It was blast,” she said. “We made – I wouldn’t say songs – but musical experiences for sure.

“Drums really reinvigorate you.”

Sichon agrees.

“Drumming is like a dance of your hands – especially when you’re playing African drums,” he said. “It makes you happy.”

He is a Mission resident who was born in the Ukraine and earned a masters degree in classical music from the Saint Petersburgh state university. He often works with children in a variety of musical programs.

Sichon loves the concept of the Art Bar, and said it lends itself well to his style of instruction, and the drum circle he plans.

“When you have a drum circle, there’s a huge spirit there – some magic happens.”

He will bring African and Middle Eastern instruments, as well as the Irish Celtic bones and spoons.

• The drink and drum Art Bar runs on Dec. 10 from 7-9 p.m. Buy online, in-person or by phone. Register for an Art Bar Evening at the ACT ticket centre or by calling 604-476-2787.


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