Author leaves successful life behind in search of meaning

Former Maple Ridge resident Lindsey Lewis writes of her experiences trying to find her own purpose in life.

Lindsey Lewis with her first book called From Darkness to Light.

Lindsey Lewis with her first book called From Darkness to Light.

Lindsey Lewis used to be a successful magazine editor in a stable seven-year relationship, accustomed to luxurious trips, red carpets and VIP treatments.

Then one day the former Thomas Haney secondary student decided her life did not fit her anymore.

She broke off the relationship and hit the road, traveling from a condo in Vancouver to Paris, France and then to a little island in Greece.

Lewis immersed herself in yoga and started on a path of self exploration.

She asked herself, if the life that I created for myself was not the life that I was meant to be living then who am I? what am I doing?

“I explored that by doing things that felt right for me. What felt right for me was yoga, meditation and looking at different teachers in the world who had various other ways of looking at society,” explained Lewis.

What Lewis learned was that life and the world we live in is magical.

“I also learned that our bodies will often tell us if we’re headed in the wrong direction and will guide us back to the place that we’re meant to be,” said Lewis who added that we all have an innate capacity to rise above and embrace the ride of the unknown.

Lewis has just published her first book called From Darkness to Light based on her experiences.

“I wrote the book because I felt physically compelled to,” said Lewis.

Although Lewis doesn’t recommend everybody do what she did, she hopes that her readers will get the inspiration and affirmation in life that is already available to them.

“It starts with the willingness to explore more deeply the thinking and the choices they are currently in,” said Lewis.

“Everybody’s next step from there is going to be different and unique,” she continued.

Book launch:

Black Bond Books in Haney Place Mall will be hosting the launch of Lewis’ book between 10 a.m. and noon on June 4.

At 10 a.m. Lewis will be giving a talk on the courage to live your purpose and she will also be reading excerpts from her novel.

There will be a book signing and a brief question and answer period after the talk.

A two-month pass and hoodie from Oxygen Yoga and Fitness in Maple Ridge will also be raffled off.

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