B.C announces more arts grant funding

You can apply for adult arts and sports, animal welfare and the environment funding until Feb.13

Groups focusing on adult arts and sports, animal  welfare and the environment are encouraged to take advantage of a  special community gaming grant application intake announced last month by the province.

B.C.’s annual community gaming grant base budget has been increased to $135 million – $15 million more than originally budgeted for 2011-12.

As a result, the provincial government is holding a special intake until Feb. 13 so that previously ineligible groups can apply for grants this fiscal year.

These groups include non-profit and charitable organizations that deliver services related to adult arts and culture, adult sports, the environment and animal welfare. Animal shelters, fish and wildlife associations, lake and stream stewardship societies, district arts councils, museum societies, theatres and other  similar groups are now eligible to apply online.

Robert Gloor, executive director of the Alliance for Arts and Culture, is encouraging groups to apply.

“Community Gaming Grants can make up a significant portion of an organization’s budget, which is why this funding and its reinstated eligibility are good news on so many levels,” he said. “At the alliance, we want to help get the word out about the special intake, so everyone who is eligible can benefit from this  funding program.”

Apply for funding.