Bouge de là  use fabric

Bouge de là use fabric

Bouge de là paint pictures on stage

Dancers perform at the ACT in Maple Ridge Saturday

Choreographer Hélène Langevin and the company Bouge de là, bring a playful, spirited exploration of colours, line and movement to the ACT on Saturday.

The troupe that transports audiences into an enchanting world that stimulates curiosity.

Onstage is an artist’s studio, a space for invention and creativity that is full of surprises.  Ideas burst forth, as the four dancers – Audrey Bergeron, Nicolas Labelle, Jean-François Légaré and Jessica Serli – treat the studio as a magical treasure chest, playing with everything they find: fabric, frames, paintings and props and accessories of all sorts.

Inventive and curious, they alter, reshape and transform the objects at hand in a game where there is only one rule – to have fun!

Paintings spring to life before our eyes, turning into enchanting dance and dynamic movement.  Actions are filmed, and immediately processed and transformed by means of image capture software, and then projected as a live onstage broadcast. The video offers a different view of what is happening onstage, showing, for example, the line created by a body in movement.

Video is thus an integral part of the performance, which becomes a vibrant mingling of dance, painting and the visual arts.


Bouge de là perform The Studio/L’atelier at the ACT in Maple Ridge on Saturday, March 2. For tickets, visit