Robert Campbell and Cailin Green play Maple Ridge June 7

Robert Campbell and Cailin Green play Maple Ridge June 7

Campbell + Green return to Maple Ridge

Duo back with a new CD for a series of concert in their old hometown

Robert Campbell and Cailin Green return to Maple Ridge next week to launch their brand new CD – east.

One year ago this month, the musical duo left B.C. to follow their dreams, all the way to Nova Scotia. Now living outside of Dartmouth, they have spent the past months honing their songwriting skills and working with producer Jamie Robinson to create a delightful new CD of original tunes.

Well known in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows for their past community involvement, business and volunteer work, Campbell and Green have many friends and acquaintances here.

“Where better to kick off our B.C. tour and launch our new CD?” asks Campbell. “We look forward to seeing everyone. There are many people here who are very special to us.”

Many will remember the years Campbell produced the Jazz and Blues Festival in Maple Ridge, and his position of director of ceremonies and events for the 2009 B.C. Disability Games. Both Campbell and Green are Rotarians, having participated in numerous fundraising efforts. Campbell even served a term as president of the Meadow Ridge Rotary, for 2008 to 2009.

This dynamic couple have also been involved in numerous community theatre productions and shows such as the Ridge Meadows Opry, Millennium Players, and Maple Ridge Hospice Society functions.

They also had the honour of playing with many fine local musicians every Sunday evening with the band Newhouse at the Billy Miner Pub Jam, and have been seen playing their music at many venues and events around the Lower Mainland. The band, now House Rules, continues to run the jam every Sunday.

“We live in Nova Scotia now, but pieces of our hearts remain in Maple Ridge” says Green. “There was never any question that this was the first place we’d tour.”

Musician Laurie Thain has hosted the Little Brick Church series since 1995 and is thrilled to feature Campbell and Green in her 46th show.

Thain couldn’t put on the series without the help of Blair and Marlene Anderson, who’ve volunteered since the start.

“They have been helping with this show and taking tickets at the door since 1995,” says Thain.

“In fact, I don’t suggest a date if they are busy as I would miss their help and the regular followers of our series would really miss them if they weren’t there. We even have regulars who come up from the USA.”

Over the years, the series has featured a range of renowned and not-so-well known musicians including Gary Fjellgaard, Dick Damron, Tim Williams,  Beverley Elliott, Alan Moberg, Betty McDaniel, The Blue Shadows, Curtis Blayne, Nathan Tinkham, Gordon Maxwell, Lyndia Scott, Ken McCoy, Marlee Walchuk, Taylor James, John  McCallum, Terry Brennan, Ron Irving, John Mclaughlan, Jesse McRae, Rocky Swanson, Michael Booth Palmer, Clare Brett, Rick Tippe, Tom Rysstad, Ivan Boudreau, Ron Kalmakoff, Cameron Molloy, Elmer Tippe and Bruce Coughlin.

• Campbell + Green play June 7 at the Marven Residence; June 9 at the Little Brick Church and June 15 at the Westacres Residence, home of the Candlelight Concert Series. For more visit or email