Flamenco Rosario performs Mis Hermanas at the ACT April 5.

Flamenco Rosario performs Mis Hermanas at the ACT April 5.

Flamenco dancers tell a tale of sisterhood

Catch a performance of Mis Hermanas at the ACT in Maple Ridge April 5

In Monterrey, Mexico seven sisters get together every Tuesday for coffee – only one left home to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer.

Mis Hermanas tells the personal tale and recalls the memories of Flamenco Rosario’s artistic director,  Rosario Ancer, growing up in Mexico, her dreams of becoming a dancer, her journey to Spain, and her arrival to Vancouver.

Recreating a profile of each sister through the magic of a child’s memory, through narrative, dance, sound effects, stills and video projections, the audience explores the journey to other countries, cultures and times.

It is a story of an enduring love, family traditions and values, intercultural relationships and influences, the power of love and the joy of life even at times most difficult.

While personal, it is also an account that in Canada, a land of immigrants, could be anybody‘s story.

Vancouver’s Flamenco Rosario’s mandate is to develop dance, music works and dance artists, in both the authentically traditional and contemporary innovative styles of Flamenco.

The company’s mission is to share its passion for flamenco’s raw, emotional power and disciplined musicality through performances, workshops and professional training throughout Vancouver.

Nurturing the diverse cultural roots of Flamenco and giving voice to the histories of traditionally silenced and displaced ethnicities by exploring their unity within flamenco; our work is inclusive of all people.

A hybrid art form, originating in Andalusia in southern Spain and with roots in East Indian, Persian, Roma, and Sephardic Jewish and Middle Eastern cultures, Flamenco carries a universal message of inclusion that can touch many regardless of origin.

The very roots of this form continue to keep flamenco a living art, its traditions of feeding from diverse cultures and media make the form itself a way of interpreting change.


Mis Hermanas plays 8 p.m. Friday April 5 at the ACT in Maple Ridge. Tickets at actmapleridge.org or call  604-476-2787.