Caity Babcock interviews U.K. singer-songwriter Ed Sheeren for the music and entertainment blog AndPOP.

Caity Babcock interviews U.K. singer-songwriter Ed Sheeren for the music and entertainment blog AndPOP.

Ridge girl in MuchMusic VJ search

Caity Babcock needs your votes to move ahead in the 2013 contest

For Caity Babcock, it’s a dream job, a reverie she’s inches away from.

Music is a passion, says the 21-year-old.

“It’s such a large passion of mine, that If I had any job that involved music I would be on cloud 9,” says Babcock, one of hundreds of Canadians vying for a spot on the 2013 MuchMusic VJ Search.

The Maple Ridge secondary grad is already well on her way to T.V. stardom.

She currently hosts two shows for called Making Waves and Small Talk, that play on taxi cab monitors across Canada and in selected fast-food restaurants.

“MuchMusic in particular has always struck me as the perfect place to work. They are fun, edgy, and different, and I like to think I am all of those things,” says Babcock.

What sets Babcock apart from other contestants is her outgoing personality and eclectic music tastes, which spans genres.

“Knowing music from all generations helps too,” says Babcock.

“Growing up listening to Nirvana, the Bee Gees, and all my grandma’s jazz music definitely raised me to be a music lover from the beginning.”

Her AndPOP gig has landed her interviews with Ed Sheeran, rapper T-Mills, Classified and Young The Giant.

“When I interview bands and musicians, my main goal is to make an interview that is different,” says Babcock. She often asks questions they have never been asked before.

“It’s fun for the viewers, myself, and the person I’m interviewing. So I like to think that is a great quality I could bring to MuchMusic,” she says, confidently.

“I’m also a very strange, weird person. And that’s totally okay! I am proud of it, even if people look at me like I’m crazy sometimes, I like to put smiles on people’s faces.”

This is the second time, Babcock has auditioned for the VJ search.

At 18, she made it to the top 16 contestants before being cut.

Since then, Babcock moved to Toronto to pursue her passion, and ending up landing an internship at MTV Canada.

After interning and making her own videos, AndPOP approached her with a job.

Online voting with help MuchMusic narrow down the field to 20 contestants, who will become the cast of a reality TV show that air in April.


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