The Latency headlines Maple Ridge battle

The Latency are Ryan Stead (guitar)

The Latency are Ryan Stead (guitar)

You could say The Latency were born out of a battle.

A musical match where fate drew the trio together backstage.

Vocalist Brandon Lehti, guitarist Ryan Stead and bassist Mathew Gendron were 15 when they met at contest that tested their musical mettle at Garibaldi secondary.

Five years and many onstage duels later, the pop-rock trio are on the cusp of rock star success.

The seemingly insignificant battles and church basement shows are all credited in their evolution.

The battle of bands are a really good way to network, says Lethi.

“I think challenging yourself is good. If you go to a battle and don’t come out on top, that motivates you to look at yourself and wonder how can I make this cooler?”

In 2009, without the help of a record label, The Latency’s first single “Tonight, I Love You” received nation-wide radio play, even charting on Canada’s Hot AC charts.

The unbelievable support from fans caught the attention of labels, leading to the band’s signing with Maple Music Recordings.

Since then the band shared the stage  with bands such as Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, Plain White T’s and Hedley.

They released their self-titled debut The Latency in September 2009.

Their formula for success? Play as much as you can.

“Even if you don’t think the show is not going to be good or there aren’t many people, never say no to an opportunity when you are starting out,” counsels Lethi.

“Don’t get discouraged. Just keep doing what you do and one day someone is going to like it. You have to be a sponge when you are starting out. Be open to learning from other people and new things, that’s how people grow.”

Currently working on their sophomore album, The Latency are finally more comfortable with their sound and unafraid to experiment.

The band has already laid down four tracks and plan to release a single by summer to gauge if they are heading in the right direction.

“Instead of being focused on writing music that will get played on the radio, we are just doing what we like to do and taking it more organically,” says Lethi.

The new album has branched away from the tried-and-true recipe of guitar, bass and drums. It will feature more instrumentation, piano, strings and horns.

Lethi says it sounds a lot older, more mature.

At 21, Lethi and his band mates have yet to be tainted by the glitter of being rock stars. They are eager to share tips and their experiences with other musicians and fans via Facebook and Twitter.

“I think if you start getting wrapped up in it, your head’s just going to grow and that never ends well for anyone,”says Lethi.

After all, he knows it wasn’t just musical genius that got his band on the  radio.

“Honestly just being in the right place at the right time had a lot to do with it,” Lethi says.

“You still have to work hard but at the end, it’s a lot of luck.”

• The third Battle on the Ridge takes place Saturday, May 7 at 7 p.m.  Molasses Catastrophe, The Burn, David Parent, Alice B. and Forum will battle for studio time and music equipment. Jurors are Joe Wowk, Kevin Williams, and Frank Johnson.


Battle on The Ridge

• Molasses Catastrophe:

This grime blues, rock, alternative band  newly formed in 2011in the Ruskin area of Maple Ridge,  Band members are: Co, MJ McGreevy, and Cody Styles.

• The Burn

The Burn was formed in 2009 in Maple Ridge. Band members are Eric Mercier, Ryan Mcloud, and Ben Chicos.

• David Parent

An acoustic sound with a soul flavor, David Parent is a a solo act. Parent has been playing since 1990.

• Alice B.

This solo artists, Matt McGreevy is from Maple Ridge.

• Forum

An alternativerock band formed in 2010 from Maple Ridge. Band members includes Josh Ceaser, Turner Huish, Devin Clarke, and Jessy VanKooten.

Tickets to Battle on The Ridge are $15 and can be purchased at the ACT or online at


Youth Week WHOMP

The overnight event at the Greg Moore Youth Centre takes place Friday, May 6 to Saturday, May 7 from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Tickets are $10 per person.



The international smash hit show MacHomer plays Maple Ridge next week.

This one-man vocal spectacular features impressions of over 50 voices from TV’s The Simpsons in a hilarious performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. MacHomer plays two shows at the ACT in Maple Ridge on Friday, May 6.