Time, light and harmony for Friends

Music and arts festival at Maple Ridge Vineyard March 28.

Arak StarrEagle

Arak StarrEagle

The Halcyon Imagineers are hosting a fundraiser for the Friends in Need Food Bank March 28 at the Maple Ridge Vineyard from 3:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Located at 22336 Dewdney Trunk Road, downtown Maple Ridge, the event will help raise money and accept food donations, as well as personal and child care items such as diapers, toothpaste and brushes.

The event, billed as Golden Key: Time, Light and Harmony, will be a six hour music and arts festival.

“We decided to go with the food bank for a second round because they have a really, really great cause and operation providing desperate, poverty-level, starving families with means for nourishment, survival, sustenance and basic human dignity,” said Arak StarrEagle, director of the Halcyon Imagineers, “all of which are important human, individual and social rights.”

Other fundraisers by Halcyon Imagineers: Diamonds In The Sun, for the Cythera House, in January 2014; Noble Hearts, for the Salvation Army Caring Place, in July 2014; Masquerade, a pro-peace, love and equality event in September 2014; and the Moonlight Marquee, for the Friends In Need Food Bank, in January 2015.

StarrEagle said the food bank’s tireless work falls in line with their own doctrine that “all life is precious and sacred.”

The food bank, he added, does an upstanding, exemplary job addressing human needs, “and we like to use our art and entertainment to aid such great charities in their altruistic, humanitarian practices.”

Headlining the event will be Willy and the Wannabes, as well as Irish/ Celtic folk band The Shades Of Green, and charismatic crooner Rockin’ Rick Moyer.

StarrEagle said there are a number of great local artists set to perform, including classic rocker Maverick Marcel Gamache, Darren Morrey, and bluegrass artist Bob Cockroft.

In addition to music, there will be poetry, storytelling and cartooning.

He’s excited to bring in acts from throughout the Lower Mainland to help with the event.

“We are bringing talent from outside the community to give the Ridge something new they haven’t seen before, and also because Halcyon is beginning our doctrine of cross-pollination, to have many communities link up artistically and create a greater united trans-community of artists working together in the spirit of art, fun, friendship, entertainment and for worthwhile causes,” said StarrEagle.

Donations of more than $20 are tax deductible, he said.

• For more information contact StarrEagle at 604-479-4858.

Friends in Need facts:

• 33 per cent clients are children under 18;

• 27 per cent of clients are over the age of 50;

• more than 2,500 registered people;

• homebound and senior clients can order food hampers over the telephone.

In Maple Ridge, registration is Tuesday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon at No. 8 – 22726 Dewdney Trunk Rd.

• In Pitt Meadows, registration is Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to noon at 12240 Harris Rd.

To donate, volunteer or for more information visit www.friendsneedfood.com or call 604-466-3663 in Maple Ridge or 604-460-4619 in Pitt Meadows.