Two worlds harmonize in Memeza Africa

Masterful fusion of traditional African music and dance

Memeza Africa perform at the ACT in Maple Ridge next week.

Memeza Africa perform at the ACT in Maple Ridge next week.

Memeza Africa is a brilliant example of what can happen when two worlds come together in harmony.

This masterful fusion of traditional African music and dance combined with spellbinding original Canadian compositions, delivers a performance so packed with energy and emotion, audiences are left profoundly moved and sincerely hooked.

Led by South African singer-songwriter Jimmy Mulovhedzi, and Canadian guitarist, singer-songwriter, Holly Wright, this fourteen piece spirited ensemble delivers a powerhouse performance that seamlessly moves from traditional African songs to fully captivating and passionate compositions supported by the unique African harmonies, only to catapult the audience without warning, into a dancing frenzy of gumboot or Zulu dances.

Members of this multi-talented group originate from Soweto, South Africa located 20 kilometres southwest of Johannesburg.

Memeza Africa not only gives members the opportunity to showcase their talents, but offers the potential to provide an income in a community where the unemployment rate is staggering.

The spectacular vocal harmonies and jaw-dropping dance performances are supported by traditional djembe drums and acoustic guitar in an unparalleled blend of styles and sound.

Memeza Africa powers through the boundaries of nationality, language and culture to strike at the heart and soul of the listener, resulting in an emotional and unforgettable journey through the universal language of joy and humility.

The spirit and passion created by this unique fusion has consistently provoked heartfelt responses of audiences from around the world, saying the Memeza experience has moved them in a way no other show has done.

• Memeza Africa plays the ACT on Thursday, Jan. 27 at 7:30 p.m.