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LETTER: How can the message of motherhood be so offensive?

Anti-abortion billboard outside St. Luke’s Catholic Church vandalized
A billboard outside St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Maple Ridge was vandalized. (Colleen Flanagan-THE NEWS)

Dear Editor,

I am disturbed and saddened to see a life-affirming image and message vandalized. On Dewdney Trunk Road and 202nd Street, there was a billboard image of a mother smiling at her baby with a message that read, “You will never regret loving this much.”

Someone vandalized it by spray painting the picture and words. How can the message of motherhood be so offensive? Such intolerance towards loving motherhood saddens me.

Freedom of speech is still allowed in Maple Ridge, correct?

Voltaire once said, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

To build a critical, thinking culture we must foster freedom of speech, even if one does not agree with the message of motherhood. Otherwise, images of mothers and their babies will be defaced and such acts will be accepted because it goes against popular opinion.

Motherhood is such a rewarding experience and loving a child into this world is one of the greatest treasures this life can offer.

To the person that defaced the sign, you are loved and know that there is hope and healing.

Frances Maddalozzo

Maple Ridge