Letter: Other cities have declared climate emergencies

Letter: Other cities have declared climate emergencies

Maple Ridge should do what’s right for our planet

Dear Editor,

I attended the Maple Ridge council meeting on Tuesday in regards to the declaring a climate emergency motion put forward by Coun. Kiersten Duncan.

As usual, the right-wing, business-oriented mayor and council voted down this motion using excuses such, as we don’t make proclamations in the City of Maple Ridge. A lame excuse in my opinion.

Other municipalities have declared their commitment to the environment by adopting this emergency resolution on the state of our planet.

These other cities are affirming what is critical in addressing the deteriorating condition of the planet and environment.

Our mayor and council hide behind semantics and other lame excuses to avoid doing what is right for our planet. Shame!

Thanks to Coun. Duncan for having the courage to bring this motion forward.

John E. McKenzie

Maple Ridge

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