Letters: ‘Girls deserve respect and true friendship’

Editor, The News:

Recently, I heard a disturbing comment on the radio by what I believe is a school counselor.

She said that in today’s school culture, it is common practice for girls to send topless pictures to boys, and when one was asked why she did this, her answer was that she wanted to get noticed.

What are you thinking, girl?

Do you really think that because of such a picture, this boy is suddenly interested how nice a girl you are, how friendly, kind and caring? That he is now eager to discover your inner beauty, your honesty and high standards?

No, it is a near certainty that in a few months time he is not your boyfriend anymore. But he still has your pictures, and if you think he is keeping those to himself, you are sadly mistaken. He is sharing those with his buddies, other boys you probably know and who know you.

Please, wake up, girls. You are much better than that and deserve respect and true friendship. Seek out people who you can trust, and who respect and value you for who and what you are.

Walter Verwoerd

Maple Ridge