Letter: Premier has ‘no clue’ on PR

Or Horgan is deliberately hiding his intentions.

  • Nov 12, 2018

Letter: ‘Not the homeless people who are failing’

Let us get back to the basics of human dignity.

  • Nov 9, 2018

Letter: ‘Good on Portugal for trying’

‘We have to understand that low-barrier does nothing.’

  • Nov 6, 2018
Mad Hatters parade and tea party
Burmese python finds a new home outside of Toronto
New playground opens in Pitt Meadows
Fatal crash on Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge

Letter: ‘PR is too complicated for most’

Editor, The News: Re: Proportional representation curbs extremist movements. On the contrary…

  • Nov 2, 2018

Letter: ‘Give legal entrepreneurs a shot’

‘Grey-market dispensaries’ suddenly closed.

  • Nov 1, 2018

Letter: ‘Empathy has led to enablement’

‘Anita Place campers want to be left alone to do as they please.’

  • Oct 30, 2018

Letter: ‘Touched by love and support for Pete’

‘He went through so much in his life’

  • Oct 22, 2018

Letter: ‘It’s been a rough decade’

An inherent sympathy for the janitors.

  • Oct 22, 2018

Letter: Trulsen family thanks ‘amazing’ community

Love and support following death of son have been humbling.

  • Oct 17, 2018

Letter: ‘Get the bypass project done right’

‘Highway traffic is backed up almost to 216th Street.’

  • Oct 11, 2018

Letter: ‘Little puff doesn’t hurt anybody’

‘High golfers are better behaved.’

  • Oct 11, 2018

Letter: The ever-rising cost of garbage collection

Maple Ridge has put city-run garbage collection on a referendum ballot.

  • Oct 9, 2018

Letter: ‘Maple Ridge needs more places to work’

Editor, The News: Re: Candidates agree, Maple Ridge needs more places to…

  • Oct 5, 2018

Letters: ‘Ground further into Haney mud’

‘Homelessness is not a crime.’

  • Oct 1, 2018

Letters: Eroding drive to reduce, reuse and recycle

‘We have our garbage down to such a small amount.’

  • Oct 1, 2018

Letter: ‘Still upset with train whistles’

‘Years ago only five trains passed daily through Maple Ridge.’

  • Sep 30, 2018

Letter: ‘Pay hospital parking on way out’

‘I will always hand off my space to anyone else’

  • Sep 28, 2018

Letter: ‘Wheel, not carry out garbage’

Finally, numbers on cost to introduce our own garbage pickup.

  • Sep 26, 2018

Letter: ‘Garbage pickup about choices’

‘Sick and tired of being told what to do.’

  • Sep 26, 2018

Letter: ‘Pete was a part of our community’

‘He always seemed pleased I’d stopped to speak to him.’

  • Sep 25, 2018