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5 projects you might not know are perfect for Plywood

From wine cellars to wainscotting, your summer projects just got a whole lot easier!
While many DIYers might look to lumber for an attractive bookshelf or wine cellar, for example, an often overlooked option is plywood, a versatile material that comes in many different styles and materials.

Summer is a great time to tackle many of those projects on your home and garden to-do list – the weather is dry, warmer temperatures let paints and stains dry quickly, and longer days mean you can do more outside the confines of the workshop. After all, who wants to waste all that good weather inside?

Regardless of the nature of the project, one of the first considerations is the materials you'll use. Factors include the setting – does it need to withstand moisture? – structural needs and aesthetics. While many DIYers might look to maple or birch lumber for an attractive bookshelf or wine cellar, for example, an often overlooked option is plywood, a versatile material that comes in many different styles and materials. 

With that in mind, we checked in with the experienced team at Smith Plywoods in Maple Ridge to learn about five projects you might not know are perfect for plywood:

  1. Wine cellars. A wine cellar strikes a practical and aesthetic balance – it needs to store multiple bottles in a way that maintains the wine's flavour, but must also be visually appealing, especially if it's in a public space. Today's plywood is the ideal construction material – strong, easy to work with and versatile. Choose from longstanding favourites like cherry or quarter-cut red oak for their rich tones and textures, or look to something more exotic like khaya or teak.
  2. Wainscotting. A timeless detail popular in country-style homes, wainscotting offers visual interest for what would otherwise be floor-to-ceiling painted walls. Common in  bathrooms, hallways and dining rooms, wainscotting can vary in appearance, but one of the most popular is a vertical beaded design, topped with a chair rail. While creating wainscotting board by board can be time-consuming and expensive, sheets of beaded MDF make the project come together quickly – and beautifully!  
  3. Murphy bed. We could all use a little extra space, especially now that more of us are working at least part-time from home. Pre-finished plywood is a great solution for a Murphy bed project, letting you create a solid frame and base for a bed that tucks out-of-sight when not in use. Add side bookshelves and cupboards and you'll be ready to turn that spare bedroom into an inviting home office in no time.
  4. Ranchwall. For a more rustic take on siding, ideal for that bunk house at the lake or stylish backyard shed, 4' X 8' ranchwall – a grooved plywood – is an excellent choice. Designed for outside applications, the plywood product is crafted to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations of our West Coast weather, and is available in a variety of colour profiles.
  5. Utility trailer. Whether you're hauling garden trimmings for composting or the tents and paddleboards for a weekend getaway, you know the value of a trailer. Instead of spending the money on a pre-fab model, check in with Smith Plywoodsm which specializes in oversized plywood – perfect for creating your own utility trailer, to your specifications. 

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